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Crossover: Chronology Of Doctor Who

Title: Chronology Of Doctor Who

Date: May 19 2012

Author: Tardis Mole

Genre: Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures

Rating: N/A

Pairings/Characters: The Doctor. Sarah Jane Smith. Jack Harkness

Warnings: None

Summary: A chronology of Doctor Who episodes, covering Nine and Ten, including Torchwood (TW) and Sarah Jane’s Adventures (SJA).

Author’s notes: I wrote this because I was fed up of going to Wikipedia and getting the inaccurate and incomplete information that changed every time I went. It’s taken two years to compile, but is finally complete.


A couple of years ago someone spent weeks and possibly months compiling dates for every episode of Doctor Who since 1963 to the present day. Kudos to whoever it was, but there were a few errors. I emailed them to let them know, but nothing was changed. Until someone hacked the page earlier this year and the result was the worst mess since 1945-49 with the mishandling of the European Jewish Crisis.

Least said about that the better.

Anyway, this hacker suggested that Voyage Of The Damned was Christmas 2008, which meant Wilfred was meeting the Doctor for the first time five months after he dropped Donna off and presumably pretending he didn’t know the Doctor? That’s not only impossible it’s daft, and ignores everything the Doctor has said since he told Rose about the war - it is Time Locked - to the Doctor telling Wilfred that he couldn’t go back in time to capture the Master - I’ve got to stay relative to the Master within the causal nexus. The clue there is THE. Not A or The MASTER’S, but THE causal nexus. There is only one, because everything else is Time Locked.

The Doctor can only travel in one timeline, because the Void is impossible to cross since the Last Great Time War, so with that in mind, what follows is the correct Doctor Who timeline from Rose to End Of Time.

And yes. This has taken weeks (now years) of work, trawling through DVDs, lines of dialogue and hints within the episodes themselves. That I am aware of, the only moments missing are the farewell scenes from EoT and several flashback scenes from TUatW. I’ve been a bit busy elsewhere.


August 23-24 79 The Fires of Pompeii

1599 The Shakespeare Code

1727- April 1769 The Girl In The Fireplace

December 24 1851 The Next Doctor

December 1869 The Unquiet Dead

1879 Tooth And Claw

1886 The Unicorn And The Wasp (India flashback scenes)

November 8-9 1913 Human Nature

November 9-10 1913The Family of Blood

December 3 1926 The Unicorn And The Wasp (majority)

November 1 1930 Daleks in Manhatten

November 1 1930 Evolution of the Daleks

January 20 1941 (TW) Captain Jack Harkness

Between January 21 - May 10 1941 Empty Child

Between January 21 - May 10 1941 The Doctor Dances

June 4-5 1953The Idiot’s Lantern

November 1965 (TW) Children of Earth (first encounter with 456)

November 7 1987 Father’s Day

January 1 2000 Jack handed command of Torchwood 3

March 3 2004 End of the World (phone call to Jackie)

March 4-5 2004 Rose

March 2005 Aliens of London

March 2005 World War Three

September 2005 Boom Town

Early December 2005 The Parting of Ways (rape scene)

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day 2005 The Christmas Invasion (Torchwood 4 disappears)

Late March 2006 Love And Monsters

April 2006 School Reunion

April 2006 The Age of Steel (final scene)

May 2006 New Earth (opener)

March-May 2006 Army of Ghosts

Late May 2006 Doomsday

Late May 2006 Jack seizes Torchwood 1 and 2

May 2006 (Donna’s trip to Spain)

A/U June 2006-2008 Turn Left (Donna)

Early June 2006 (Donna starts work at HC Clements)

Early October 2006 (TW) Everything Changes

Early October 2006 (TW) Day One

Mid October 2006 (TW) Ghost Machine

Late October 2006 (TW) Cyberwoman

November 2006 (TW) Small Worlds

November 2006 (TW) Countrycide

November 2006 (TW) Greeks Bearing Gifts

Early December 2006(TW) They Keep Killing Suzie

Early December 2006 (TW) Random Shoes

Christmas Eve 2006 The Runaway Bride

Late December 2006 (TW) Out Of Time

December 2006 - (TW) January 2008 Combat

May 7 2007 Smith and Jones

A/U February 1 2007 Rise of the Cybermen

A/U February 1 2007 The Age of Steel

April 2007 Blink (majority)

Early May 2007 (TW) Captain Jack Harkness

May 6-10 2007 (TW) End of Days

May 8 2007 The Lazarus Experiment

May 9 2007 42 (phone call to Francine)

May 10 2007 Utopia (opener)

May 11 2007 The Sound of Drums

May 12/13 2008/2007 Last of the Time Lords

August 10 2007 (TW) Adrift (cold open)

August 2007 (SJA) Invasion of The Bane

1st/2nd week of September 2007 (SJA) Revenge of the Slitheen

October 2007 (SJA) Eye of the Gorgon

Last Week in October 2007 (half term) (SJA) Warriors of Kudlak

Late November 2007 (SJA) Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane (present day)

Early December 2007 (SJA) The Lost Boy

Christmas 2007 Voyage of the Damned

16 January 2008 (TW) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

22-23 January 2008 (TW) Sleepers

29 January 2008 (TW) To The Last Man

Early February 2008 (TW) Meat

Early February 2008 (TW) Adam

20 February 2008 (TW) Reset

27 February 2008 (TW) Dead Man Walking

Early March 2008 Partners in Crime

5 March 2008 (TW) A Day In The death

12 March 2008 (TW) Something Borrowed

19-20 March 2008 (TW) From Out Of The Rain

March 21 2008 (TW) Adrift (majority)

April 2008 Blink (final scene)

Late May 2008The Sontaran Stratagem

Late May 2008 The Poison Sky

Early June 2008 (SJA) The Last Sontaran (main)

9 June 2008 (SJA) The Day of the Clown

5-7 July 2008 (SJA) Secrets of the Stars

c 20 July 2008 (SJA) The Mark of the Berserker

c 25 July 2008 (SJA) The Temptation of Sarah Jane

Late July 2008 (TW) Fragments

Late July 2008(TW) Exit Wounds

Early August 2008 (SJA) Enemy of the Bane (before JE)

August 30 2008, Morning, The Stolen Earth

August 30 2008, Evening, 2008 Journey’s End

August 31 2008 (SJA) The Last Sontaran (final scene)

April 11 2009 Planet of the Dead

May 2009 (SJA) Prisoner of the Judoon

Late May (SJA) The Mad Woman in the Attic

Early June (SJA) The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith

Mid June (SJA) The Eternity Trap

Late June (SJA) Mona Lisa’s Revenge

July 1 2009 (SJA) The Gift

July 3-7 or September 4-8 2009 (TW) Children of Earth (majority)

November 11 2009 Family of Blood (Remembrance Sunday scene)

November 2009 (SJA) Nightmare Man (flashback scene)

December 23-24 2009 The End of Time pt1

Christmas Day-Boxing day 2009 The End of Time pt2

March 2010 (TW) Children of Earth (final scene)

A/U April 2010 Doomsday

Late September 2010 (SJA) The Vault of Secrets

Early October 2010 (SJA) Death To The Doctor

Late October 2010 (SJA) The Empty Planet

December 2010 (SJA) Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith

May 2011 (SJA) Sky (Just don’t tell Phil Ford that Luke was driving three months before his 17th birthday, the minimum legal age to hold any type of driving license except for a motorised scooter.)

June 2011 (SJA) The Curse Of Clyde Langer

Late June 2011 (SJA) The Man Who Never was

July 27 2012 Fear Her

2012 Dalek (Unsure where the Doctor got the idea that Rose was 19: she was only just turned 18 at Doomsday. In this episode she goes by the date and amusingly calculates herself as 26, which makes her 18 in 2006; further proof that Rose was lying about her age.)

November 23 2012 (SJA) Lost In Time (shop scenes)

A/U Spring 2020 Turn Left (Rose)

November 21 2059 The Waters of Mars

(Unspecified, possibly around 23rd century) 42 (main)

27th century Midnight

3926 The Impossible Planet

3926 The Satan Pit

4126 Ood Sphere

4226 The End of Time (Ood Sphere)

51st century The Girl in the Fireplace

51st century Silence in the Library

51st century Forest of the Dead

51st century Jack’s childhood (Adam/Exit Wounds)

July 24 6012 The Doctor’s Daughter

8400 Turn Left (Shan Shen scenes)

200,000 Long Game

200,100 Bad Wolf

200,100 The Parting of Ways (majority)

5,000,000,000 The End of the World (main)

5,000,000,023 New Earth (main)

5,000,000,053 Gridlock

100,000,000,000,000 Utopia (majority)



Doctor Who Archive Torchwood Archive Sarah Jane Adventures Archive Aired Transcript Project


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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 10th, 2012 04:53 am (UTC)
Wikipedia was hacked a couple of months ago. It's been reported. I'd leave it alone for now and ask an expert instead.
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 3rd, 2014 05:49 am (UTC)
Lovely, thank you for the list I have been looking for an accurate one.
Feb. 3rd, 2014 08:46 am (UTC)
You're welcome. though hang on a few minutes. I've had to make an amendment...
Feb. 3rd, 2014 08:54 am (UTC)
...Just a slight adjustment was needed about the phone call during Love And Monsters. But it is still the most accurate representation. Don't bother with Wikipedia. Someone hacked the page.
Oct. 28th, 2014 01:43 pm (UTC)
This was very well done and I thank you for it. I'm not a fan of Rose at all, but the one thing I noticed is that you listed her first episode being in 2004, but I don't believe that is accurate and I'm not sure how that will throw off the rest of your timeline.

The posters listed her as missing since March 6, 2005 - when she was last seen, not 2004.

I agree she's been lying about her age, completely. I'm unsure of her actual birthday but based off of what I could gather from Father's Day (November 7, 1987) she was only 6 months old, making her birth around the beginning of May 1987. That would have made her 17 when she left with the Doctor in March 2005, and only being gone a few days - though a year to Mickey and Jackie - had her still being 17 when they arrived back to deal with "Aliens of London" and "World War Three" in March 2006.

The one thing that really bothered me about Doctor Who under RTD was that he made Rose into being a love interest of the Doctor. It is one thing that she may have loved him, many of his companions did and I have no issue with that, it is that he had made it seem very clear that the Doctor was in love with her back. It honestly makes the Doctor look like a pedophile since she wasn't even an adult by human standards, let alone he was over 900 years old. All of his companions are younger than him, obviously, but at least with Martha and Donna and even Sarah-Jane they were adults at the time of their travels, Rose wasn't. Even if she was 19, as they try to portray it, it is still much too young for him to even look at her in that way and honestly makes the Doctor look bad.
Oct. 28th, 2014 06:07 pm (UTC)
You have made some interesting comments. However. I'm going by the BBC's own information and information from my friends Russell T Davies and others and from details in the episodes themselves. The episode "Rose" was set in 2004, and aired in 2005. I'm unsure what posters you have seen, but I doubt they are the official ones. If they are genuine, they are quoting the air date not the set date. US air dates and information on the series are inaccurate, well behind the originals and in many cases based on fan's opinions rather than the facts.

You and I are in agreement with that; the Doctor did not love Rose on any romantic level. She was a child, whether you believe she was sixteen or seventeen she was still under age as defined by British Law. Therefore, as you say, if you believe he loved her romantically you must also think he's a paedophile.

In Gallifreyan terms, one hundred and forty is the equivalent of twenty Human years. So, even then, she would not be considered an adult by the Doctor. Most of his companions were children and only a very few of the adults were loved in any romantic capacity, even a vague one.

Robert Shearman, the writer who wrote Dalek, made an error in calculating Rose's age, and for that many people have been confused and annoyed for a decade. It has been discussed in forums and between us as writers at length ever since. I chalk it up to the tradition of plot errors and continuation flaws that Doctor Who is well known for in its five decade-long history. No doubt there are others that you've noticed, and no doubt there will be more in future.

That said, thank you for your comments, but I will not be changing this chronology.

Oct. 28th, 2014 07:29 pm (UTC)
No problem about not changing the chronology as it is very helpful as is.

The posters I was talking about where from the actual episode itself, when they return a year late (Aliens in London). The Doctor looks at the one hanging on the wall outside the TARDIS and then there are the ones on the table in the apartment. They state: Rose Tyler has been missing from her home on the Powell Estate since 6th March 2005.

Going based off of the actual episode itself, that would put the one with the Nestene Consciousness (ROSE) happening on the 5th & 6th March 2005 and not March 2004. I figured that since the actual episodes themselves are supposed to be Canon, that the year being 2005 would be correct, but maybe it was just a production error when they were printing the posters. It wouldn't be the first time something like that happened with Doctor Who. There was that big controversy over Rory's ID Badge in the Eleventh Hour stating 1990, later announced that it was indeed just a production error. :)

ETA: I just thought of something else in regards to the timeline...In the End of Time when the 10th Doctor goes back to visit his companions before regenerating, he stops by and sees Rose before she's met him. He asked her for the date and she said it was the 1st of January, 2005...Like I said earlier it could just be a production error with the posters, but why then would RTD keep with the March 2005 timeline of the Doctor and Rose meeting for the first time if that wasn't really when they met? *shrugs*

Edited at 2014-10-28 07:44 pm (UTC)
Oct. 29th, 2014 06:08 am (UTC)
As I say, there are production errors and some things were airbrushed for the DVD releases. AoL was set in the year 2005. We can tell that by what followed - for example Donna's wedding was set on Christmas Eve 2006 AFTER Rose was lost; Torchwood London was lost in 2006, several months AFTER the Doctor regenerated at Christmas 2005. Also, the election mentioned all through Season 3 was set in May 2007, just as the real election was being held. It's fixed. If you moved everything forward a year, you lose the context and the canon. The only episode still in question is Love and Monsters.

Something to remember is that the Doctor mentioned that he could not be in one place more than once at a time or risk causing a paradox (FD). He also said he has to stay relative to the Causal Nexus (EoT). The key word there is "the". Not "a". The. Meaning one. Since the universes are sealed off he cannot move between them (RotC) and therefore there is only one timeline.

A point to bear in mind: even if "Rose" was set in March 2005, Rose would still not be nineteen. She would be eighteen, since her birthday is in early May.

Nearly all of the errors in DW are more to do with the BBC's own constraints and the slip-shod work of the editors, rather than RTD's skills as a writer. Much of his work in Doctor Who has been over-edited, cut for time and resulting in much of the important material being lost. A prime example of that is the utter embarrassment of Day of the Doctor, which should have been two hours long, in contrast with Voyage of the Damned, which is the only episode that was aired in its complete (uncut) format.
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